Be happier with a hand painted ukulele!

Be healthier too. Benefits from playing a ukulele include:

Welcome to Ukes Make You Happy! As a formerly slightly unfulfilled person, I accidentally bumped into a ukulele fan, went to a Victoria Vox concert, bought a ukulele, and am living happily ever after.

Ukuleles are hot. Major artists play them. Kids play them. Anyone can play a ukulele. Learn 3 chords on four strings, and you’re good to go. Lightweight and portable, they go anywhere without hassle. Forget the TV, and have some real live fun after dinner. Play any kind of music on a ukulele, from blues, jazz, folk and rock, to lullabies and carols. They are great conversation starters, and have a rich and interesting history. Increase your popularity and get invited to more parties. Collect them!

My hand painted ukuleles are each one-of-a-kind, and can be customized. (For more about customization, click the "Want one?" link on the left). They make unique gifts, especially for a collector. No two are alike, and each one has it's own personality. At present I have a small selection, but check back, more to come. Feedback is very welcome.

Happily yours, Roxy