My soprano ukuleles start out life as a kit, and produce a medium quality sound. The body of the ukulele is made of mahogany veneer. The neck, head, and bridge are solid mahogany. I use high quality Aquila strings so that the uke will sound its best. Also, I have made adjustments to the friction style tuning pegs to help keep the ukulele in tune. I assemble the ukuleles carefully, and fuss with measurements and align the strings perfectly so that scales can be played as accurately as possible.

I use acrylic paint, glaze and ink for the design. Spray lacquer is applied twice, followed by a coat of polyurethane. The designs are very well protected. For more information about the construction of my ukuleles, see the “How they are made” page on this web site.

My ukuleles are perfect for the beginner and intermediate player. They make a statement of appreciation for the ukulele culture, and of the joy that comes with playing a profoundly endearing, petite, easy-to-play, individually designed stringed instrument.

It’s a cliché, but they are Made With Love.