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What country did the first ukulele come from?
a. Argentina
b. Hawaii
c. Portugal
d. Spain
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happy girl

My friend Aura, feeling happy.

Roxy's Playlist

Doris Day! Blue eye shadow! It's Nellie McKay!

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain
Stick it out till the end. About 12 people play one uke!

Ukulele Boy
Really, really cute.

Jake Shimabukuro
One of the best in the virtuosity department. Here he plays "Strawberry Fields" by Greorge Harrison. He gives a heck of a live concert!

Zee Avi
"Kantoi" and "Just you and me" are two lovely ukulele tunes from Zee Avie

Sophie Madeleine
You can download for free Sophie Madeleine's "Sidetrack Sessions" which are a lot of fun. One time she provided lyrics to one of her songs and asked people to send in videos of themselves playing it. The result was an interesting and creative collage.

Surprise Track!
Ok, this one doesn't have ukulele music, but for those of use who hate metronomes, here's a terrific alternative!

Now here's what I'm talking about! I challenge you to watch this video and not feel like dancing. Or at least feel a jolt of happiness. It can't be done.

If you have trouble watching this video (it might be jerky at full screen), click here for a direct link to YouTube

George Harrison loved the ukulele. Check out this sweet rendering of "Ain't She Sweet"

Here's some more history...via ukulele. Shelly Rickey says:
The SS Ravenscrag was a British barque, historically most famous for bringing Portuguese immigrants Joao Fernandes, Augusto Dias, Jose do Espirito Santo and Manuel Nunes to the islands, as these men Shelly Rickey's Ravenscrag ukuleleare considered to have introduced the ukulele to Hawaii. The ship sailed from Madeira and reached Honolulu on the 23rd of August in 1879. This date is now honored as the birth of the ukulele.
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