Flea Market Music
"Jumpin" Jim Beloff has a very comprehensive and spirited site, which includes, well, just about everything ukulele. A MUST visit. Plus, if you live in the Connecticut area, take a Jim Beloff workshop. I was a hopeless novice before attending one, and came out a little less hopeless, and with a deep desire to keep on learning.

I love this site for its play-along feature. They also have a chord finder app that's easy to use and shows all the various ways to play each chord.

Tiki King
Do you like cocktails? Tikis? Very cool Flutes? Tiki art? This is the place!

The Kazoo Fluke?
For heaven's sake, take a look at some outrageous Flukes at The Fluke Museum, then on to sister blog The Flea Museum.

Ukester Moe's
Do you need a pair of "Ukulele God" boxer briefs?

Richard G's Ukulele Songbook!
Here's a collection of free downloadable ukulele sheet music, with lyrics and chord notations. It's very extensive.

I can't help but include this podcast of songs, tips for beginners, reviews and such. Sadly, only the archives are available now (for a sad reason), but well worth downloading.

Ukulele Hunt
ZANY site a uker could get lost in. I mean, guitar licks for uke? Also lots of unusual videos, chord charts, instructional materials, historical "misinformation" and who knows what else. Recommended to me by a very nice buyer from Canada. We heart Canadians.

Hawaii Ukuleles for Sale - The Hawaii Ukulele Guide features History and link listings of WWW sites relating to ukuleles. Kamaka, Maui Music, and other fine Hawaiian Koa ukes for sale as well as cases and accesories.

Shelly Rickey's blog is a treat for ukulele fans, and offers MUCH coolness. I'm craving that little amp she built. Seriously.

I'll be adding more links. Many ukulele sites have extensive link and resource lists, so happy surfing.
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